Announces Onsite Greenhouse for Plant Research

May 29, 2014

The Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC), a division of Global Organics Group, and at the forefront of agricultural and environmental fields, is pleased to announce the dedication of an onsite greenhouse, identified as the Plant Research Laboratory. This new facility will focus on crop growth essentials through the principles of root zone management. This addition will be the fifth laboratory and production facility managed by the Integrated Life Science Research Center since 2011.

The ILSRC is the scientific division of Global Organics®, composed of agronomists, molecular, microbial and environmental scientists, plant pathologists and technicians that are responsible for all aspects of product formulation, application, performance interpretation and research. Their vision is to promote and develop sustainable practices, products and services by utilizing pioneering environmental and life science techniques to the field of research and development.

Installation of the Plant Research Laboratory furthers this objective, as efficacy data can be fine-tuned for the support of in-field BioFlora® product trials. Basic information concerning limiting factors on crop growth, including water hydration, macro and micronutrient deficiency symptoms, nutrient toxicity symptoms, optimum leaf nutrient levels, and specific crop nutrient demand can now be thoroughly examined by the ILSRC.
Understanding the biotic environment of a plant both above and below the soil becomes manageable when monitoring a plant’s physical, chemical, thermal and biological characteristics. The microbiological branch of the ILSRC will be capable of capturing soil-borne, beneficial microorganisms in a real-time environment for numerous field and greenhouse crops.



Within the Global Organics Group, the Integrated Life Science Research Center (ILSRC) works as the research and development arm of leading plant health division BioFlora®, and human and animal health division, Mineral BioSciences®. As such, the ILSRC investigates a wide variety of subjects, including: agronomy, microbiology, chemistry, plant pathology, and human and animal physiology, just to name a few. To support these markets, the vision of the ILSRC is to promote and develop sustainable practices, products, and services by utilizing pioneering techniques, disciplines, chemistry, and methodology. For more information about Global Organics Group, or to interview CEO and Managing Partner Luke Blotsky, please contact Sarah Van Wyk at or visit