The Integrated Life Sciences Research Center® (ILSRC), a division of Global Organics Group, began its operations in 2011.  The research center consists of a combination for five laboratories and production facilities: the Microbiology Laboratory, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Isolates Laboratory, Microalgae Laboratory and Plant Research Laboratory.

The ILSRC investigates a wide variety of subjects in the Agricultural and Environmental fields, as well as subjects in the Human and Animal Health industries.

The Integrated Life Sciences Research Center® is an important part of the Global Organics Group as it strives to move its vision forward with science at the forefront.

The ILSRC team currently focuses on:

  • Technical Support
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Research & Development
  • Identifying Plant Pathogens
  • Identifying & Cultivating Microbial Isolates
  • Utilizing cutting edge technologies
  • Meeting small and large-scale demand
  • Cultivating microalgae
  • Ensuring product integrity
  • Innovating and discovering
  • Testing and trials
  • Investigating market needs

Awards & Certification